Something I need you to know…

If I may. None of you awesome people would be grooving on All These Quiet Places if Chris Krzeminski hadn’t written this book for us. That you, who’ve reached out to us, are able to respond in the manner that you have is a testament to that man’s outstanding ability to take you there through his writing. I know you guys have hit some rough spots while reading. It’s necessary, you must. You must submit, he commands it of you. He holds your hand while he sits with you in this mad, chaotic world of this messed up human being who only wanted to understand how to fix things. That’s Davi Ross. You care about her because you are her. And the only reason you’re feeling a sense of triumph and relief in an easy, soft way, knowing when all is said and done as she pours that fucking milk in her coffee, just stirring it and thanking fuck she owned up to her shit, in super chill fashion, no excuses, no more preventable harm will come to her, and she knows it… is because Krzeminski never let go of the reader’s hand. He stands back, just far enough so you think he’s out of reach. Just so you can really feel Davi’s horror as well as her bliss and everything in between. You’re not inspired by me, my friends. You got there because of Krzeminski’s skill. And I got that monkey off my back. A burden I never dared to ask for relief from. I thought I was fine and managing quite well, it’s true. I’ve been killing it out here for years now. I’m not sitting around asking for shit I didn’t earn. I’m beyond grateful I survived. There’s no way I’d waste any more time not loving each and every moment I’m inside of. I’ve wanted for nothing. I’m still delighted as hell most of the time but I must say I feel like I can rest easy now, like all the way. Krzeminski gave you what I never could but always wanted to. I wanted you to understand what I learned. I wanted to give you the joy that I feel which is specifically due to what I now understand. Krzeminski did that for me. He’s that good.

Thank you for your time,
Jennifer August

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