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All These Quiet Places

Here is the back cover blurb for the book project All These Quiet Places written by Christopher Krzeminski, based on actual events recounted by Jennifer August (that’s me).


Davi Ross was once an independent and strong-minded woman with a promising future awaiting her, and those prospects only seemed to improve after her marriage to the handsome and quiet Victor Wallace who doted on her lavishly with thoughtful attention. With several years of marriage behind them however, Davi lives in a much different future than she had expected. Now, Victor has convinced her to stop working and going to school, she finds herself groomed to accept regular and intense abuse at his hands, and she has lost touch with her closest friends and family. Isolated, exploited, and lost, Davi is holding onto the smallest shreds of her identity and coping with the ever-escalating toll of damage through a thick fog of prescription drugs, holding out hope that the woman she once knew still exists somewhere inside her. Based on actual events, All These Quiet Places tells the story of her determined emergence from madness through to her ultimate rebirth, but before she can complete that journey, she will need to reclaim the strength and confidence she had once prized so dearly, confront past demons, and fight to understand exactly how everything had gone so wrong.


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It’s Not Over Until You Walk Away

So you push through
And some days disappoint
Others are better.

What are you looking for?
Are you sure that’s what you want?
Or was that planted in your head
Long ago?

You best figure it out.
There never was a plan.
You imagine it, you create it,
You bring it to fruition.

No more excuses.
Being scared is irrelevant.
Everyone’s scared.
Toss your hat in the ring anyway.

Simply treading water
Keeps you in the game.
Disregard discomfort.
It’s of no consequence
And it will never go away.

Release from your mind
The harshest of all possible realities.
Stick with THE reality.
Work your gig from there.

It’s not over until you walk away.


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