That’s What It Is

It’s the wound that bleeds the most

It’s the tears that fall with force

It’s the fear that pierces your gut

It’s the loss that kills something inside

It’s the days when nothing feels good

It’s the nightmares that leave you paralyzed

It’s the moments you wish you were invisible

And the moments that you are


It’s the glimpse of bright light

It’s the mundane sounds that make you smile

It’s the nod from a trusted friend

It’s the butterflies in your stomach

It’s the excitement for tomorrow

It’s the touch from one who loves you

It’s the split second of understanding

That turns into days of knowing


It’s the enthusiasm in your eyes

It’s the peace of self-acceptence

It’s the certainty of your path

It’s the comprehension that you lost nothing

It’s the true definition of forgiveness

It’s the release of all that has passed

It’s the day you came to own it

And the life you lived thereafter


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