Alright, Motherfuckers…

I just have to sound off about this bullshit going on with some Atheist Tweeters telling other Atheist Tweeters how to run their twitter accounts. What they should and shouldn’t say, what politically correct words are allowed, and which ones have been altered so you have to jump the fuck over to this new word or term and then me and my precious, cunty friends won’t be offended. How about you go fuck yourselves? Can we make that happen, assholes? For crying in a bucket, shut the fuck up already.

Let people say what they want to say. Let them be who they are. Who are you to demand that another satisfy your emotional and psychological needs in cyber-fucking-space? Or really anywhere, for that matter. Get your shit worked out. All that mess inside that you don’t have the kischkas to confront. Lay your focus on getting real familiar with how life truly is. It’s not going to work out well for you if you need everyone else to behave in a certain way so you can rest easy. Grow the fuck up.

Now for those of you who feel intimidated by certain tweeters and can sense yourself being influenced by their demands on how to tweet, I say fuck those tweeters. They’re not better than you. You created a twitter account so you could have a place to learn, hangout, enjoy some friendships, but ultimately to show us who you are and what you think. Please stay on that track. I so look forward to growing with you. As much as I enjoy giving a good beatdown, I can’t defend or assist everyone and I don’t want to. I’d like to see you strengthen your Atheist Twitter muscles by trial and error. It’s the only way to do it. There are so many supportive people around you so go ahead and risk it.

And as for the ridiculous arguments over who should eat what and who should exercise what constitutional right… are you fucking kidding me? If you have a good argument for something just fucking tweet about it. Let the agreement and disagreement come naturally. Why would you get into someone’s face about such private and personal choices? It’s fucking absurd. Everyone just calm the fuck down already. Tweet your shit, develop your gig, allow for discourse, and stop pushing each other around about really intimate and personal shit. That’s so bizarre to me.

I find that most of those I follow have a similar perspective on this hideous phenomenon. I truly appreciate that. If you’re one of the few that doesn’t, please adjust yourself or take your ass off my TL. I’d like to see enough room here for everyone. Don’t intentionally poke at another and claim that you are standing up for the rights of this or that group or cause. You’re fucking poking because you can do so easily behind your keyboard. You look like a jackass.


That’s all I have for you at this point. Now get back out there.


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  1. Could not of put it better myself

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