The Post That’s More Like A Rant

I haven’t been the typical ranting cunt you’ve all come to appreciate or simply enjoy in the last few weeks. Now it’s time to blow off some steam. Let me start by saying that I am so over group-think bullshit that I can barely stand looking at my timeline anymore. That’s not to say I’m lacking any enjoyment from the great minds that continue to pass the baton around, taking turns at various methods of trying to get the message across to overly controlling meshuggenehs. I love the gems you fuckers throw out there. Truly. It’s the repeated exposure to what you’re all responding to that is desensitizing me. That’s a dangerous place for me to arrive at due to the fact that I barely give a fuck as it is. That being said, the most powerful motivator for my desire to put anyone on blast has been when I observe the surreptitious manner in which those who claim to be victims of  ‘Other Tweeters Are Hurting My Feelings Abuse’ go around ultimately maligning or purposely agitating those who are willing to stand at the front lines in the battle for a secular and egalitarian globe. The only personalities that get off on this sort of behavior are those whose minds are operating from a fear-based foundation. Everything’s offensive and all harm done is everyone else’s fault. When these pussies show up under the guise of being the only true fighters for ‘the good fight’, their need to control the tones, behaviors, beliefs, language, methods, and passions of others takes on a form that utterly disgusts me. My first impulse had been to bust into a given thread and bang some heads together. Unfortunately my indifference toward this realm of the twitterverse has only grown. That impulse now passes rather quickly if it even manifests at all and I don’t feel inspired to rant. These clearly religious, anti-religious folks have lost their sparkle. They’ve become irrelevant to me because they truly have no impact on anything real. I’d prefer to spend my precious twitter time on people, topics and issues that offer some fucking significance and a pathway to genuine change and growth.

Another sneaky little development that I’ve picked up on very recently is coming from twitter accounts being run by ambiguous personas (I’m not talking about obvious trolls here so stop jerking off, Irish Bloke) schmoozing their way into threads involving open discussions on a variety of topics. They deliberately appear from the outset to be aligning themselves with the majority perspective that naturally develops in the thread. These individuals endear themselves to others with some well-placed compliments and fluffy statements in hopes of setting up a sense of security and after a relatively moderate amount of exchanges that afford them success in gaining likability, they begin a methodical picking apart of the arguments they’ve just recently claimed to adhere to. Now listen, I love a good argument, a fight-to-the-death debate, but when the debate is a setup for the fulfillment of an unforeseen agenda, all bets are off. I’m definitely going to expose, dress down, and ultimately devour these douche buckets.

So we not only have a bunch of fucking criers running around twitter saying, “She/He has offended me with her/his tweets”, we also have at least a few slippery types who are looking for the back entrance into a decent, well-handled debate or discussion only to satisfy their urge to disturb others for fuck-only-knows what reason. I realize many of you enjoy batting these malcontents around, I certainly do from time to time. I think what gets me riled up about it is noticing, now from a greater distance, how the energy spent by those I really respect and admire is being used up on worthless, self-loathing types that represent little more than filler in a community of intelligent, proactive, perspective-shifting social geniuses. You beautiful badasses know who you are, the ones who I adore out loud and never hesitate to tell you that I not only appreciate what you do here, you also force me to raise the bar on myself. And there’s the rub. When the true movers and shakers get tied up with sincerely trying to escort the seemingly confused asshole to a place of reason only to find that the entire exchange was a game from the beginning, I drop my head in utter frustration. I’m deflated, temporarily, of course, but deflated nonetheless.

So here’s a little something I brought along to the party for you pussified, underhanded, still scared of mommy’s and daddy’s judgement types; pull yourselves together. Do it now or do it soon. The reason being that I am staring down death on a daily basis here and I have less than zero tolerance for any and all horshittery. I’m hitting my fourth week of it today. This is not the first time I have been faced with something powerful enough to show me what the fuck matters and what doesn’t. It’s merely the most recent. This work I am doing now serves as a refresher in the course I took several years ago when I schooled myself on what it means to be true, what it means to be committed, loyal, compassionate and empathetic. What it means to pay attention to what you choose to utilize from your toolbox of coping mechanisms. That actions and reactions have consequences. Therefore taking a good long and honest look at your behavior may allow you the opportunity to become an authentic contributor in the world around you. Conversely, jumping up and down while screaming and crying after you yourself set the stage for a confrontation you weren’t able to resolve due to your agenda being in existence way before you approached the table, makes you a complete asshole. I’m not suffering assholes well these days so I’ve made the decision to go with it. Strap yourselves in, Dolls. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll hear the sounds of whistling winds through a tunnel every fucking time you bend over.



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12 responses to “The Post That’s More Like A Rant

  1. Reblogged this on Yet another atheist late to the party and commented:
    I’ve long since stopped caring about the atheist feud going on. I don’t know about the rest of you but I plan to just concentrate on doing our local outreach and secular work.

  2. Telling Irish Bloke to stop wanking would be more appropriate than telling it to so jerking off. But boy am I looking forward toi watching you go.

  3. Awesome post as always, Jen. You’re so strong and going through so much. Sending happy thoughts, rainbows, and puppy smiles to you! ❤

  4. Blaine

    Okay. Now you’re starting to make me take a long, hard look at myself. And I thank you for it. I came to twitter for no particular reason. I have found friendly folk & arseholes of all stripes. I realize there is passion for all points of view. Not all of them make sense, but there’s no denying the passion. And I want to figure this out. I haven’t felt a lot of passion for anything for a while and, to be honest, strong emotions of any kind freak me out.
    But that’s why I like twitter…and certain blogs. By reading what others have gone through, and how they’re feeling about things now, are helping me to sort through my own stuff.
    So, cheers, Jen.

  5. @Antitheistnz

    This is an object lesson in a worthwhile blog. If everyone would really think, and then say what they really think, the world would be a better and more honest place. Good on you Jen, I hope it all works out.

  6. A timely ‘rant’, for this morning after reading it I discovered that I have been ‘blocked’ by a trenchant atheist and anti-theist blogger (whom I have followed for months, and enjoyed reading her many unequivocal posts), following an exchange of tweets a few days back in which I had the temerity of suggesting we can’t know everything. It would appear that the block followed my suggestion that not all atheists are socialists and she accused me of being condescending to which I countered that I was surprised at her resort to rudeness.

    So there you go Jen, thin skins are everywhere and although I really couldn’t care a fuck about the block I realised that some forms of atheism clearly can’t handle a liberal mind-set and gentle questioning. This is another reason why I admire your forthrightness because I know it is based in fearlessness and a life-affirming independence of thought and spirit.

    As ever, well done and thank you.


  7. Punchy

    That was a wonderful, well said rant, with a great point to it. I agree with what you’ve said it in it, especially about the way the overly offended group thinkers have been. Thanks for writing that.


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