It’s Almost That Time

My atypical mind

Serves as your food

You binge freely

Sucking out every last morsel

Leaving nothing for me.


I cry before I hit empty

Please, please save some for me

You pay no mind

And push beyond my reservoir

There’s not one drop left.


While I hang

By a fragile cord

You watch me sway

And poke around for more

My wound releases its final tear.


You stand there perplexed

How can it be

I was always so nurturing

Now I’m useless

Now I’m a taker.


I drag my shell

To a place where it can sleep

You follow me there

And peek inside

Calling for more.


I beg you

To let me be

You cry rejection

I can only hear my own voice say

It’s almost that time




Filed under Atheism, Personal Evolution

2 responses to “It’s Almost That Time

  1. Donna

    Wow, powerful poem! I love it. Vampires exist as you well know.

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